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Andrya Noel Clark

Youth Development Professional
Andrya Clark is a former Youth Development Professional, Educator, Personal Assistant, Nanny and Mnager. She is beyond excited about joining Wealth Teams Alliance. As an important part of the business Andrya works behinds the scenes on the organization and compliance department. As the oldest granddaughter to the founder, Guy Baker, Andrya has been surrounded by decades of hard work, dedication, and succes and hopes to follow his footsteps. Having learned to always put our clients first to help the company run smoothly. Andrya has always had a heart for community and success from winning Youth of the Year 2011 in her hometown of Oak Ridge, Tennessee and becoming a Toast Master in 2012. Andrya has started many programs for The Boys and Girls Club of America to teach children the opportunities of financial, mental, and physical success. After many years of professional organizing and instruction, Andrya is beyond joyful in the opportunities the insurance, financial advisement, and other services the Wealth Teams Alliance provides. Her degree in Childhood Education will bring a colorful side to the group. Andrya is married to Devin and lives in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.