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Gary Million

Financial Advisor, IRA

Gary Million is an estate planning attorney who helps clients transfer ownership, management, and control of their assets to heirs at the right time and in the most prudent way. His process minimizes taxes and probate expenses. Since earning his law degree in 1994, Gary has developed a broad understanding of issues that arise when implementing estate plans. He is experienced with corporate formations, executive benefit programs, and other issues related to integrating estate and business planning and the transfer of business interests. Gary has acquired significant experience with zero-tax planning techniques by developing numerous charitable giving programs for clients. He can draft a wide array of charitable trusts to help clients enhance gifts to family and generate a secure retirement income while redirecting tax money to favorite charities. Gary supplements estate plans with income-tax and risk-management strategies, many of which involve advanced life insurance design. Drawing on broad experience gained from coordinating case implementation for one of the top insurance agents in the world, he understands how to integrate
insurance and legal design techniques. Professional Experience

  • Estate Planning & Corporate Attorney, Law Offices of Gary E. Million
  • Partner, Million Voorhees, LLP
  • Corporate Counsel & Project Manager, BTA Advisory Group
  • Partner, Harrison & Million, LLP
  • Regional Director of Estate and Planned Gifts, Saint Joseph Health System


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of La Verne
  • Juris Doctor, Western State University, College of Law
  • Executive Editor, Associate Editor, Law Review
  • Published: Covenants Not to Complete Versus the Client’s Right to Choice of Counsel, Consumer Law Journal, 1992