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Jason Black

Wealth Coach, IRA

Jason Black is more than just an international speaker, coach to Fortune 100 companies, wealth manager, entrepreneur, business owner and father to six children. Also classically trained as a world class opera singer, Jason understands what excellence requires: PERSEVERANCE. Whether it is surviving certain death…twice, or overcoming impossible odds to turn around several bankrupting companies into market leaders, Jason knows how to get results. Since first earning his investment license in 2004 and shepherding a portfolio of millionaire clients as a Premier Banker for Bank of America, Jason’s passion for helping his clients achieve breakthroughs has taken him across the globe. He has spoken on five continents and looks forward to making Africa the sixth. As a professional speaker and sales coach, Jason has spoken to many large corporations in America, including Prudential and JEEP, and he has performed as the voice of Lenovo. For all his speaking engagements, two were particularly monumental – first as the main platform speaker for the Million Dollar Round Table, where he met then-President Guy Baker; and second, as the keynote speaker where he shared the stage of the largest insurance congress in the eastern hemisphere with Guy. It was there in Bali that Guy showed Jason an institutional- level, evidence-based investment process that stands alone. Jason answered Guy’s invitation to join Wealth Teams Alliance in 2016 after learning about the powerful approach to investing that it employs – an approach he saw lacking at all the major wealth management institutions he had worked with previously. Jason holds multiple securities licenses in addition to a Texas Life, Health, and Long-Term Care Insurance license. He is passionate about delivering on the firm’s vision to positively impact the lives of the hundreds of families and institutions who entrust their financial well-being to the the stewardship of Wealth Teams Alliance.