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Jonathon Soucier

Financial Advisor & Advanced Case Specialist

Jonathon started his career in the financial services industry shortly after graduating from University of California, Riverside with a BA in Finance, in 2008. Recognizing the need to be independent of any one financial services provider, Jonathon started his own company, DaVinci Financial in 2012. Before selling his interest in 2015, Jonathon developed several profitable and innovative marketing strategies to grow the firm. He built an automated recruiting system for the marketing team that covered 20 states. He augmented this system with an automated telemarketing process to create business opportunities for his sales team and then added an innovative electronic back office to administer and process business. DaVinci was one of the first organizations nationally to use DocuSign as a way to facilitate new business transactions. In 2016, Jonathon was recruited to become the advanced planning specialist for one of the largest life insurance marketing organizations in the country, providing unique tax, investment and financial strategies for high net worth families and businessowners. While he was working with this firm, he learned the basics of investment theory and the merit of the Efficient Frontier. His contributions to the advisors in the company resulted in significant growth for the organization and garnered additional recognition for Jonathon and this team as they grew and further developed their influence among the advisors. Expanding his influence and marketing abilities, Jonathon became a business consultant for another major marketing organization and helped them add advanced supplemental services to their standard sales practice. In 2020, Jonathon was introduced by Pacific Life to Dr. Guy Baker. He ultimately joined as a senior partner and Chief Marketing Officer for both BMI Consulting and the Wealth Teams Alliance. His innovative tax planning experience, marketing abilities and unique tax and planning skills have been an important addition to the services available through the Alliance. His many skills have contributed significant new tax management and planning opportunities for clients and their businesses

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