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Liz-Anne Allen

Senior Consultant

A real addition to the BTA retirement consulting team, LizAnne Allen has experience as a group plan worksite financial advisor. She worked with group benefit cases extending educational platforms by conducting seminars and invididual planning planning to employees. Before that, LizAnne was a group and individual annuity agent, specializing in qualified plans. Among the products she sold and serviced, she specialized in complex 403b ERISA cases.

In addition to her financial consulting background, LizAnne is also a professional sales and management trainer and public speaker. She has been certified by several internationally renowned training companies such as Dale Carnegie and Leadership Management Inc. She has owned and operated her own marketing/management consulting business since 1983.

LizAnne is on the faculty of the Southern California Center for Non-profit Management. She regularly teaches there and volunteers her time to help non-profit organizations in the areas of organizational development, time management, Board development, strategic restructuring and other topics. She has developed deep insight into the needs of both the profit and non-profit sectors. Her training and educational experience brings a great benefit to fiduciaries, helping them understand risk, education and cost.