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Mark Ziebold

B.A,  J.D, LL.M.
Asset Protection Planner, Certified Wealth Preservation Planner
Mark Ziebold formed the Ziebold Law Group to offer personalized planning solutions which are unique to the needs of the client and to offer a level of service that most clients have not experienced in their prior legal engagements. Prior to starting Ziebold Law Group, Mark had experience working at a mid-size law firm and two boutique estate planning firms. Mark holds a B.A. in Economics from Baylor University and a J.D. from Chapman University School of Law. Not satisfied with the minimum legal education, he then also obtained his legal masters in taxation (LL.M.) degree from Chapman University School of Law. Very few practicing attorneys hold this level of specialized education. In order to best serve his clients, Mark has passed bar examinations and holds licenses in California, Nevada and Arizona. Mark has also obtained his Certified Asset Protection Planner and Certified Wealth Preservation Planner designations from the Wealth Preservation Institute. He received his status as a certified specialist in the areas of Estate Planning, Trusts, and Probate Law from the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization in 2010, and is planning on taking the Taxation Specialization Examination when it is next offered. Mark Ziebold is a regular speaker for private companies and for attorney and CPA continuing education events. Most recently, he has provided training and seminars for Goldmark Financial Services, the Orange County Chapter of the Asset Protection Society, and the Tax and Financial Group. He also was one of the speakers at the National Business Institute’s presentation on “Top Ten Estate Planning Techniques” in December of 2009, and was a featured Expert on the RobertLarsen Radio show on KCAA radio in September of 2010. Mark lives in Lake Forest, California, with his wife, Rachael, and two young sons. He regularly contributes Pro Bono time to various charities throughout Orange County and the United States and is active in his church. Additional information and client testimonials about Mark Ziebold can be found on his Avvo and LinkedIn profiles.