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Statement of Services

At BTA Advisory group we have over 100 combined years of service in the retirement plan business. We realized long ago that successful retirement plans reflect the goals of the business, help all participants reach their retirement goals with an eye toward distribution of assets in retirement and protect employers from unnecessary lawsuits and Department of Labor fines. That’s why we commit to the following services with all of our clients:

Frequently Asked Questions

How many of your participants are on track to reach 75 percent of their pre-retirement income in retirement?

Design Monitoring and Suitability

Do you have a documented process for evaluating how you make decisions regarding funds and administrative costs in your Plan?

Benchmark funds and fees

Regularly review and update plan design

Succession planning

Does your executive staff understand their fiduciary responsibility?

Legislative Consulting

Train the Trainer

How much productivity are you losing because your participants are stressed at work because they are unsure of what their retirement will look like or how to reach their retirement goal?

Financial guidance with focus on accumulation of assets through distribution in retirement

Investment Seminars

One on One consulting

Do you have processes in place to keep you in compliance with Department of Labor best practices and guidelines?

Investment Policy Statement

Education Plan

  • Plan monitoring
  • Trouble shooting
  • Employee education
  • Plan monitoring
  • Trouble shooting