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Todd Baker

Investment Project Manager
After High School, Todd finished a degree in graphic design before moving to Knoxville, TN in 2001. He soon started working for a large sign company by working in their graphic design department. The company soon recognized his leadership skills and ability to manage complexity. He was promoted to shop manager where he oversaw all phases of construction and installation. Due to family circumstances, the owner was forced to close operations. Todd was offered the opportunity to purchase a couple of ongoing projects for several large accounts which he then parlayed into his own sign company. Todd then grew this company and expanded the client base until the financial crash in 2008 dramatically impacted funding for existing projects. As a result, he was forced to close the business and seek employment with another sign company. Again, within a short period, he was promoted to floor manager, overseeing the design and construction of signs. After several years with this new company Todd realized he had reached the ceiling for growth and opportunity. He decided to change his career path. In 2018, Todd joined WTA as project manager, handling onboarding and client service. He restructured the database to conform with SEC guidelines. He also rewrote the multitude of forms required to conform to the regulator rules.  He has since been promoted to Chief Operations Officer, investment management, focusing on client care and reviewing the daily supervision of client accounts, including distributions, onboarding and administration. Todd now lives in Athens, Tennessee. He has six children and eight grandchildren.