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Tony Ronan

Real Estate Specialist

Tony has been coaching his clients for his entire career. Immediately after he received his BS from California State University, Northridge School of Business in two areas, Finance and Real Estate, he was hired by City National Bank and entered their illustrious Credit Management Training program. He was also enrolled at UCLA for graduate accounting courses.

Tony’s entire business life and success has been built around analyzing and determining solutions for corporations and individuals.  He gives his clients the confidence they need to make the best decisions for their individual situations.

Tony’s incredible personal experiences makes him uniquely poised to have great understanding for his clients’ financial situations and needs. A dedicated and seasoned executive with a proven and significant record of success in the mortgage banking industry, working in all areas of lending, credit, collections, sales, operations, warehouse management, and administration, Tony has demonstrated the ability to meet the needs of his clients and increase their bottom line profitability.